Will You Accept This Rose?

The best option is chocolate roses! If you want us to sent you or your special someone a few, send us an email at thingies@craftythings.ca


Gnocchi and Week-End Bake

Fridays are my days. My clear outs. My rid the clutter days (food is no exception) and move on to a new fresh start for the beginning of the week and thats JUST what that dish is all about

What Left Over Caramel?

Able to save any of that caramel from yesterday? I have just the thing to make with it today!! Check in and see what it is 🙂

Ooey and Gooey

I wanted to share with you a recipe that I use when I make a salted caramel sauce. You can have it in pieces, as a sauce, in bark, in drinks, for dessert, for dinner for just about anything!